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The CEO Files: The Importance of Learning

Learning is crucial to development

Throughout my career, I’ve prided myself on always being willing to listen and learn. Even as the CEO of MID Group I still strive to develop and grow myself, both personally and professionally, and learning is key to this. In my opinion, you won’t get anywhere in your career if you are unable to take on advice and new information. Learning opens up new opportunities, it changes the way you do certain things for the better and rapidly improves personal growth. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without it.


MID will always be a promoter of apprenticeships and further training

 So, the main thing I wanted to talk about in this blog is how myself and MID Group will always be an advocate for apprenticeships with one of our current brilliant apprentices having just reached a year with the business. We currently have two apprentices working with us full-time at MID Group head office and we are proud to have several employees who have graduated through apprenticeship programmes over the years. I believe that apprenticeships are extremely important. It’s fantastic that through our business we are able to train apprentices and give them relevant on-the-job skills and experience whilst they are earning money.


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Around eighteen months ago I realised that what was lacking in MID Communications was someone dedicated to social media who would develop our online presence. Previously, myself along with several of my colleagues split the social media duties between us. Due to us all being busy in our own roles we couldn’t give too much attention to it. With the help of the wonderful Juice Academy, who provide a brilliant social media and digital marketing apprenticeship programme, we hired Jamie Kelly, our Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator, towards the end of last year.

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Fast forward and Jamie has now been with the business just over a year. In this time Jamie has developed massively and done a fantastic job managing all of our social media platforms, taking on even more channels with the expansion of MID Group. Last week I had the proud moment of watching Jamie interview Sam Jones, Managing Director of Tunafish Media, at a great event put on by the Juice Academy. It was amazing to see how Jamie has progressed and grown in the space of a year, becoming a much more confident and assertive young professional.


This is the power of apprenticeships, the power of training and learning. As mentioned, we have people who have graduated through apprenticeships and currently have pivotal roles in our business. I love to watch these people flourish and better themselves with the correct training and mindset. Hiring apprentices gives young people great opportunities, brings fresh ideas to your team and allows you to mould the shape of your future workforce.


I hope this blog has given some good insights into the benefits of learning, both as a young apprentice and an experienced, established professional. I also want it to make other businesses think about hiring an apprentice when they have future roles opening up.


Thanks for reading, until the next CEO Files…

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