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MID Group – Elevating Your Experiences

Expanding the MID brand with the formation of MID Group

MID Communications has been our core business for the last 12 years trading as an independent franchise of O2 (Telefónica UK Limited). We have enjoyed many years of success and growth, from our first site Thornton-Cleveleys in 2006 to our seventeenth site O2 Buxton. Buxton joined the business in July 2017 and has just celebrated its first anniversary with MID. However, it is now time for expansion with MID Group.

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Whilst we continue to grow our footprint and business portfolio with MID Communications across the North-West, we have seen an opportunity and have the desire to expand and diversify into different industry sectors. The development of MID Group is part of our five-year growth plan.


What is MID Group?

MID Group is an umbrella corporation which MID Communications and all our other future ventures, such as My Ideal Destination, which you’ll learn more about soon, will trade under. Danny Simpson is keen to create an ecosystem for both customers and staff to operate and transact in while continuing to deliver great service to both its customers and people.

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This is a hugely exciting time which presents a fantastic opportunity for our team at MID as the business expands.

Danny Simpson had this to say “This is a fantastic and exciting time for our business to show growth to expand and diversify into new industry sectors. It will create more jobs and career opportunities in our growing group. We will continue to focus and build on our North-West relationships and look forward to expanding our presence and trade across the UK”

Our web page will give a more inclusive overview of our group and we look forward to seeing our customers, partners, friends and business acquaintances start to visit www.midgroupuk.com. You’ll be able to see all of our current brands and any future acquisitions through this brand new site.

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HR Director Jennifer Hulme is thrilled at the prospect of new job roles and openings becoming available “I am proud to be able to offer greater employment opportunities in the North West for ambitious and talented individuals. MID Group is delighted to have its roots in Manchester and I am passionate about making sure we offer exciting jobs locally, whilst ensuring the business continues to develop and engage our current teams so they in turn always operate with a forward-thinking, ambitious approach to their work”

So, please be sure to give our group site a visit to roam around to view our brands of present and future. We can’t wait to Let everyone have a look at our new brands and welcome you to MID Group properly. This is just the beginning of an exciting vision for the MID brand and we’re happy to let everyone be a part of it.