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Giving the gift of Christmas in 2017

Making a difference with Manchester

I hate knowing that children will not have a Christmas! At MID Communications and alongside Cash For Kids, work tirelessly to improve Christmas every year, with an amazing bunch of people to help reduce poverty right across Greater Manchester and the North West.

We have built this over the years to be the biggest toy appeal in the UK!

Why do we support Mission Christmas with Cash for Kids?

Because we always want to help more children every single year, as 1 in 4 children live in poverty.

Christmas is all about spending time with friends and families and sharing experiences full of laughs, smiles and enjoyment. A quarter of our children across Greater Manchester and throughout the North West do not get to enjoy the festive period like the majority. At MID Communications, we love to put smiles on the faces of these children and will continue to support this fast growing cause that is doing everything to try and remove poverty from our communities.

The Mission Christmas VR Experience

As part of Cash for Kids Mission Christmas, we visited the children’s hospice Francis House in Didsbury, Manchester along with Key 103 to surprise kids under their care and their siblings in the run up to Christmas. Francis House helps families of children with life limited conditions. Christmas is a special time for all the families to create amazing memories together however it can sometimes be interrupted by unexpected visits to the hospital. Key 103 Cash for Kids Mission Christmas asks you to buy one extra present this Christmas for a disadvantaged child living in Greater Manchester and help put a smiles on their face this Christmas.

A quick message from Key 103:

Huge THANK YOU to O2 Franshise, MID Communications for help making this possible by providing all the latest virtual reality technology. More information about Mission Christmas can be found at key103.co.uk/mission.

How do we contribute to helping this fantastic cause?

  1. Helping to raise money and donate by hosting events across all of our communities, fundraising and working tirelessly with our partners.
  2. We also encourage shoppers buy an extra gift and drop it off at any of any one our stores or any other drop off point.
  3. Volunteer your time, become a drop-off point.

Make it simple and inspiring others to help. An easier way is sending a text to donate.

I tried to inspire people on the night by saying ” Helping this cause doesn’t have to cost anything, but YOUR TIME. We know time is the most expensive currency, that’s why we value you and yours…”

Please help myself and our teamsat MID Communications give a little more this Christmas and help make a difference with us and the rest of Manchester.