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The CEO Files: Forever Manchester Ambassador

Successful 2018 for our HR Director

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on talent spotting and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, with the focus being on the wonderful Jenn Hulme becoming our first non-executive board member. I’ve now got an exciting update on her involvement with Forever Manchester.

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We’re now ten months down the line and Jenn is doing a magnificent job in her role as HR Director, looking after the development and wellbeing of our MID Commers as well as taking the Finance and stores performance arms of the business under her stewardship. It’s been a fantastic year for Jenn, also achieving Chartered Fellow status from the CIPD. She just doesn’t stop!

Forever Manchester Ambassador

At the start of this year, MID Communications became an official business partner for Forever Manchester, a fantastic charity that supports the community of Greater Manchester that we live and work in. We have enjoyed working with the guys over at Forever Manchester, supporting them at the fantastic events they put on such as their annual birthday party, where we’ll be sponsoring the photo booth in 2019.

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I’m now proud to say that Jenn Hulme has become an official Forever Manchester Ambassador. When MID Comms became a partner in January I asked Jenn to be the one who manages our relationship with the charity, bringing her care for people to the table. Having been born, raised and educated in Greater Manchester as well as working in this great region, she’s the perfect woman for the job.

Jenn said: “I love Manchester having made my life and brought my family up here. I think that being in the position I am in it’s so important to take the opportunity to give something back to the community. At MID Comms we always aim to work closely with local charities and initiatives. Manchester is a special city and I’m extremely proud to be an ambassador for Forever Manchester”

We look forward now to working even more with Forever Manchester in 2019 to support our local community. As Jenn mentioned, Manchester is a special place and I think that it’s our job to continue that legacy.

Thank you for reading this edition of The CEO Files, until next time…

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