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Silkmen Denied Victory From Club Sponsors

Silkmen Denied Victory In Controversial Style

Macclesfield Town was denied victory in controversial style this afternoon at the annual cricket match against the club sponsors, due to a strong performance from MID Communications key man Martyn Barrow

The Silkmen took to the field during the first innings and took the initiative as early as the first over when the first wicket fell.

After three overs, the sponsors were struggling to deal with the strong bowling attack and were 1-1 in a baking hot afternoon at Victoria Road.

After some “unique” bowling from Scott Wilson, Martyn Barrow from O2 Franchise MID Communications salvaged some pride for the sponsors by smashing countless balls over the boundary for six.

Keith Lowe made some fine catches in the deep to dispose of two batsmen in the same over as the total crept over the 100 marks.

Macclesfield Town FC Cricket Team 2017

Barrow finally was forced to retire since he had scored too many runs as the sponsors posted a respectable total of 142.

Sir John put in a solid performance with some great shots before Don McCarthy dismissed him with a slower ball which had the Gaffer caught up in knots. The very next ball Mitch Hancox was dismissed leaving McCarthy on a hat-trick at 32-3.

Danny Simpson CEO of MID Communications Commented on Martyn Barrow’s Performance by saying ” I am not surprised by Martyns recognotion showing his Efforts, he loves sport, and always puts 150% into anything he does.  He loves to win and has a desire to be the best both in and out of work, so it’s no surprise to see him stand out, for performance here.”

” Well done  Martyn and I am devastated I missed what sounded like a great game, but I got a great picture of how it played out thanks to the Macclesfield Town Unofficial news page, which always puts out great content, so thanks to them for sharing great content for all to read “

A truly great game with lots more exciting moments.  To get the full coverage and detail of this story please follow the link to Macc Town Unofficial Website.

Special thanks to them and columnist Rob Trafford who wrote and provided most of our content from the full story above.

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