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Q&A With Ascia (PA to CEO) on wellbeing week

Q&A With Ascia (PA to CEO) on wellbeing week

Ascia is PA to our CEO here at MID Communications and really enjoys being active and feels this has a positive influence over her well being.

Tell me about yourself, Ascia.

So I’ve just turned 30, I actually enjoyed turning 30 which was the complete opposite of what I thought. I really enjoy being outside in the fresh air exploring the world and I like to see new places. I think the best way to find a new place is to find something interesting to go rambling, whether that’s in a city or a countryside. The best Saturdays are ‘wing-it’ days.

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What are ‘wing-it days’?

They are when I wake up, open a map up, with no plans, pack a backpack and find somewhere to explore. Usually I use google maps, or o-maps and find a reservoir, or a hill, and go off walking. There are some apps I use too, which include All-trails and google maps.

What goes in your backpack?

Depends on where you go in the terrain where you’re going and who’s coming with you. Bringing food and water, a compass, a whistle, and warm gear are essential. I’ll quite happily share kit lists with anyone who is interested.

So, do you go on your own?

With friends or solo… it’s nice to have company or get some peace depending on how I feel.

What has been your favourite ‘wing-it day’?

It was actually 2-days during Storm Freya last year, me and my friend decided to pack gear and do the E-dale skyline route… it was 36km long and we camped at the bottom of Kinder Falls. We had a cheeky bit of whisky, which helped mask the cold haha!

Other than exploring, I like to run and weight-train. I compete in different challenges and events such as half marathon in full army kit, carrying 35lb.

What was your favourite challenge which you’ve completed?

Mud warrior, I enjoyed that because 22 of my friends joined me and it was my 30th birthday and I got a medal. It was a brilliant way to mark the milestone.

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How does all this exercise make you feel?

I feel like I can achieve something which I probably couldn’t have achieved 5 years ago. It gives me drive and determination to go extra mile or to lift that weight. It makes me happy to be in a social environment and it clears my mind when I am feeling stressed. Everything seems a lot lighter in the world when you get to look at a nice view at the top of a hill.

Do you think this contributes to your well being?

Oh, in a massive way. If I train in the morning or go for a walk, it starts my day off right. Likewise, if I train or go for a walk in the evening, it ends my day right. A good way to start and end the day helps me feel balanced.

Do you ever pass these experiences onto others?

Yes, I help out at Couch to 5k, I support any of my friends that are looking to start running and I have run the fitness session today to help support MID Communications’ Well being Week. It would be great to continue that session going forwards.

Do you listen to music or anything when you go running?

Yes, I listen to audio books including The Chimp Paradox, Kevin Hart (just because he’s funny!), David Goggins ‘You can’t hurt me’, I find him a straight talker. I go into a zen, switch off from the outside world and just enjoy life, which is nice sometimes.

What advice would give to someone who is looking to get active?

  • Don’t be scared about joining a group or a running – everyone is friendly!
  • If you want to go hiking, go with someone who is experienced first to learn
  • Never be scared to ask anything – no question is a silly question
  • Enjoy it!
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Thank you for this insight Ascia, it has been interesting to hear how being active has a positive influence over your well being.If anyone would like to find out more from Ascia, please contact ascia.ab@midgroupuk.com