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Investors in People – MID Comms Going for Gold

Going for Gold with Investors in People

Today marks the second day of our reaccreditation assessment for Investors in People, and as the last piece of evidence is submitted for review, I have reflected on our 3-year journey since our last review and what has led me to engage in this tough assessment process once again.

In 2016 we were awarded Investors in People Silver against the new 6th generation standard. This latest version, which is still current today, has nine indicators of performance, putting a focus on people management at the heart of an organisation. This reflects my strong, long-held view about how to build an effective and sustainable business. Therefore, I felt very much aligned to all three of the performance themes in which the nine indicators are placed: Leading. Supporting. Improving.

Since 1991, Investors in People has defined what it takes to lead, support and manage people well. It is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to success, therefore I was keen to embrace the assessment process in 2016, with a ‘nothing to lose’ approach. Since then it has become one of the key benchmarking and self-audit tools for my HR department. It helps support the ongoing MID Communications journey to create a truly world-class organisation built on solid foundations of excellent people practice. So, this year has a slightly bigger pressure to improve and build on the previous outcome!

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People often ask why I bother going through the process, what does it tangibly give me? Well, first and foremost it is the fact my colleagues will know that I am held accountable to an external set of people measures. They will also see how much I love what I do and that I want to do it well. Finally, I am keen to constantly review and improve the HR and Management practices of MID Communications. I also desire more external recognition for the hard-working managers, who consistently coach, develop and drive excellence in our business, some of which I believe can be achieved through the attainment of the IIP standard.

Our Managers, gurus, sales advisors, leaders and departmental specialists contribute to making MID Communications such an amazing place to work. It has been a privilege to see the progression of some fantastic individuals in this business. I have been able to watch brilliant, hardworking people join us, not really sure their direction and potential and see them flourish into leaders, confident to help the next generation coming through.

So today and tomorrow will be a full review of how we are doing; I hope we have grown and will see the fruits of many people’s labours when we are given our outcome. I don’t want to say where we will end, but I am a person of crazy aspiration and I will never stop until we reach full platinum level, be it this time or the next!

One thing is absolutely certain, we will always make it a priority to invest in our people so that they have room to reach their full potential. I believe this is the minimum expectation for any high performing business.