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E3 Business Awards 2019

Celebrating and recognising North-West businesses and people at the E3 Business Awards


I have been involved in the E3 for the last 3 years, but this year without a doubt topped them all.  My journey started earlier in the year as myself and the three other chairs got together and started to make the plans for 2019, reviewing how we can build on an already solid and amazing platform.  From the structure and creating some mandates to re-evaluating the core values and our vision, we then set out to plan the judges briefing session.  The E3 Awards are delivered by an amazing gentleman called Mubarak Chati, a real passionate business connector and enabler, that I am proud to know and now call a great friend.  He has spent years championing local businesses and celebrating them.

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Judges Day


Here we brought together all our judges and went through some great training, with myself delivering a session on being the perfect judge. You would be surprised what you can achieve by asking effective questions and building something together.

From the judge’s day we then reviewed the selection of applications and shortlisted the finalists. It was an absolute pleasure to get together this panel of amazing ladies, Leanne Goodwin, Lisa Sourbutts, and Liz Hey, and start seeing our amazing finalists. We saw some brilliant businesses with so much talent. It made me feel proud to be Northern as well as operating a business in the same locality as these people.  What came across so strong was everyone’s real focus on their people. I was able to recognise this as I know first-hand success in business is down to having great people that are fuelled with passion and persistence.

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The night of the awards


Now our winners had been chosen, it was time to start looking on to the big night.

This year I was honoured and humbled to be asked to present the evening. For me, this was a real opportunity to make sure we took all the energy from the process so far and transfer it into the evening. We had over 400 people turn up for the evening to see who our champions of the northwest were going to be.

Standing on the stage, I was overwhelmed by the amount of passion in the room, it was buzzing, and I fed off this to make a truly special night.

It was also great to give Martyn Barrow, our Head of Business, an opportunity to step into the limelight and present one of the awards that we sponsored.

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I am proud of the winners and it made me feel very privileged to be involved with so many magnificent and diverse organisations. I feel like the people and the passion we have in the North is very different from other parts of the UK.

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My Key takeaways from the E3 experience:


  1. Find good people, empower them and support them in becoming your brand ambassadors


  1. Put your self out there to try new things, build recognition and give your businesses, people and customers the chance to recognise what you have built.


  1. Get involved. Networks you are invaluable for the future


  1. Make sure you take time to reflect on what you are doing as a business. I always make sure I schedule time in my diary to reflect on my work, the business and our people.


  1. Make sure you are building new relationships to help you, your people and your business grow. By not getting out there, not only do you not learn anything, but you stifle success. You are amazing at what you do and you are the best at being you, so keep going and keep being you.



I hope I may have inspired you to think about things differently, or even give you the confidence to put yourself out there and meet the next challenge head on.