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Do you have fun with your Teams?

Business Fun – MID Comms Summer Ball 2017

Last night we held our MID annual Summer Ball. We do this every year and get all the Store teams, Call Centre, and the Head Office Team together and have a social drink and tons of business fun. This year we hosted at Hotel Football at Old Trafford, a great venue.

The team loved it. Especially as we let them plan it. I give the team a budget and they put the night together. Empowerment of your people is really important. They grow as people and as a team when given responsibility, which is always a must for me.

This year we played loads of different games like Family Fortunes, Krypton Factor, Play Your Cards Right and much more. We had a bucking bronco and a great indoor penalty shootout on the roofless top floor.

A great highlight of the night was our singing waiters. The theatrics they displayed and made the entire room think it was a real argument, and then burst into a superb Italian Opera Performance which was brilliant and comes well recommended for me, for any event.

The Team Really Love The Evening, They All Come Together As One!

As a business, we have 17 sites across the northwest, so this is one of four times a year we get together as a team of teams. Yes, it can be seen as quite a big gesture for any business to organize and fund, to why my response to many other business owners is:

“It’s all relevant based on the scale of economy and business size.”

It doesn’t matter about the scale or the investment into the event as there is always someone doing a bigger event. The point I am wanting to make is about the importance of getting your people together, to make sure they feel valued, have fun, let their hair down and you can keep a real community feel.

The Teams Share Ideas & Collaborate About Different Topics

They share ideas, challenges, goal progress, and support each other with lots of other social topics. They love to see who the rising stars and upcoming talent, they love to tell each other how well they are doing, all of these conversations give the entire business, exciting energy as we go into H2.

I can not tell you how important it is to get together and have some fun. So ask your self these questions, when did you last get your business together?

When will you next get your team together? Ask any of our team they will tell you they like the night.

So if the answer to the first question is a long time, Christmas or even never, then make sure you answer the next question with soon…

Best regards
Danny Simpson