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CEO Danny Simpson Becomes a Board Member for Pro-Manchester

CEO Danny Simpson voted onto the Board of Pro Manchester as a Non-Executive Director


This week was a great week for our CEO, Danny Simpson, as he was elected by members to join CEO, Sam Booth, and new Chair, Jenn Hazlehurst, on the board of Pro-Manchester as a Non-executive Director. Danny hopes to support and drive positive change with the rest of the team.

The Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday, that also paid tribute to Alistair Mcree who has been chair for the last 12 months and welcomed Jenn Hazlehurst as the new chair.

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Pro-Manchester is the largest business development organisation in the North West.  It represents the business community across the region to support growth and development that will promote the North as the place to do business.

Governed by a non-executive Board of Directors made up of senior individuals from within our membership, they increase professional excellence through knowledge sharing, creating partnerships and staying ahead of the ever-changing business environment.

Danny Said “I am so humbled and honoured to be not only asked, but be selected by the organisation and its members, and fellow board members.  I am excited to help support, and add value to this organisation’s growth, and journey under Sam’s direction and leadership with her team.  I am also excited to work with the rest of the board and support our new Chair Jenn, who I know will have some exciting ideas and vision with Sam to really make the business an even better place to network, connect and do business in Manchester. I also cannot wait to support Pro with making and forging new relationships across the region and our city of Manchester…. Thank you once again to all those that voted, and I look forward to serving with you.”

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Danny is seen and known as a brilliant visionary and thought leader for MID and many other local projects & businesses he gets involved in.  We are excited that Danny continues to help make MID a bigger business to help make new friends for the business to build new lasting relationships, that not only make our Business amazing to work in and with, but makes us proud to be in Manchester and the northwest.

Danny and MID has been a member of Pro Manchester now for 2 years and have attended and supported lots of events.  Danny Said “Pro Manchester is great for our business and has really helped our team get out, meet new people, develop and bring new ideas and insight back to the business.  I would recommend anyone or business to join, as it plays a big part in helping to develop your people, and you business network and relationships”

Danny has attended many events personally and has added insight to some, using his extensive knowledge and passion for the Tech sector, and the digital landscape and retail insight.  We look forward to seeing what we can do to support Danny and Pro Manchester even more as we go forward.

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